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We provide top quality appointments and information to help you build new business.  Initially we help our clients to develop a robust strategy for new business, drawing on both our sets of experience at acquiring new clients.

This strategy may include any or all of the following:

Research and profiling of key targets – We understand that some organisations are very large and have complex internal structures.  If you have prospects like this on your wish list, we can help uncover up to date details of company structure, location of marketing teams (addresses, phone numbers), names of key decision makers, email addresses, current suppliers and perform Corporate Telephone Preference Service checking.  This leaves you free to continue servicing the needs of your existing clients while we do the background work.

Market Intelligence Gathering – Uncovering news or information that will help you make an individual or tailored approach to key targets vastly increases the success rate of your new business activity.  This could range from information in the public domain on corporate developments, buy-outs, mergers etc, to information not publicly available that we can acquire through contacting the prospect directly.  This type of information will help you prioritise your activity so you can focus your time developing only the best leads.


Creating content for mail and email approaches - Based on the information gathered during the research stage, we can work with you to ensure that every approach contains the appropriate message and USPs that each prospect wants to hear.  These need to be relevant, timely and individual. We can also recommend, where appropriate, a creative promotional item to act as an icebreaker.

Email icebreaker - We can send out marketing emails weekly on your behalf to ensure your new business campaign continues even when you are busy. We use Constant Contact which includes full transparency on statistics (eg. Bounce backs, opt-outs, emails opened, click throughs and anyone who has reported the email as spam). This allows us to prioritise telemarketing follow ups.

Establishing a structured lead nurturing programme – With so much information available on the internet these days, prospects are far less likely to agree to speculative meetings with suppliers, but would rather wait until they have a specific project in mind and then choose who they would like to invite for a discussion.  This means that it's vital to maintain contact so they don't go elsewhere at the crucial moment. This may be through regular newsletters, emails, direct mail or the occasional phone call.  We will help you work out the best way to ensure you remain “top of mind” with your prospects, so when they are ready, you are their first choice.

Telemarketing – Our telemarketing is carried out by intelligent, experienced people who are capable of discussing business with senior decision makers without the aid of a script. The main reason clients choose us is for our industry expertise and our telemarketing style which is consultative and highly professional.

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