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      17TH JANUARY 2017


      Maybe we’re a bit over critical, but here in the Adventurine office we hate being on the receiving end of cold calls. “Why?”, you may ask when that’s exactly what we do here for most of the day?

      Let’s face it, when a complete stranger call’s you up, addresses you by your first name (as though they are your best friend) and asks “how are you today?” it’s tempting to say “none of your business”. Known as the telephone handshake, I can’t quite believe that this is taught as a way of building rapport with a stranger. Speaking to a senior executive in such a familiar way when they don’t know you from Adam is, in our opinion, downright rude.

      That’s why, when any of our team makes an outgoing call to a new prospect, we prefer to begin our conversation with “we haven’t spoken before”. 

      The key to building rapport and getting someone’s attention is respect. So make sure you stick to the point, offer a business benefit straight away and ask if this is a convenient moment to talk.

      It’s surprising how many people still pick up the phone when they are in a meeting, working to a deadline or rushing to get away from the office. In fact, this is one of the advantages of using the phone to contact someone as people just can’t resist answering. We guarantee, by using our tried & tested conversation openers, you’ll have a higher success rate in breaking down those barriers and securing that hot lead. In fact, we might even take a call from you.

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