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“Penny and her team at Adventurine have established themselves as perhaps the most important part in our business development activity, and their ability to deliver high quality leads and arrange meetings with the people who matter is remarkable.”

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"Our company have been working with Adventurine since 2011 and are currently employed in a lead generation role but we have also used them to nurture prospects.  Due to the nature of our business there are often very long lead times.  The time between making contact, establishing a relationship and ultimately securing a contract can be 12-24 months, or more.  Adventurine have played a pivotal role in the prospect nurturing process and in identifying opportunities.

We have established a very good working relationship and Adventurine are seen as an important extension of the our company's Sales & Marketing team. They continue to play an integral role in our future plans."

Software Development Company



"Adventurine has acted as our “new business manager” for about 6 years. During that time they have made numerous targeted appointments for us; many of which have resulted in new contracts for our business. They are very good at what they do and clients have often complimented us on the professionalism of “our”  new business department. I recommend them to you and hope that you benefit as much from their hard work as we have."

Management Consultants


"Adventurine has been an invaluable team for us. They have focussed on quality rather than quantity and their perseverance, professionalism and success rate has been an excellent complementary addition to our own new business efforts. Highly recommended."

Content Marketing Agency


"Adventurine’s committed and professional approach to sales has made a huge contribution to our business"

PR Company


"As a small retail interior design company, when seeking new business, we always felt that only we could represent ourselves authentically but we struggled to find the right people to talk to, make the calls and follow them through successfully.  Adventurine surprised us by really taking the time to understand our business and represent us as if they were part of our team."

"We also didn’t want loads of leads with little or no chance of work at the end of it, Adventurine has delivered a steady flow of high quality meetings with some of the biggest names in retail leading to paid pitches and work for Marks and Spencer, who we doubt we would have been able to approach without their help."

 Retail Interior Design Specialists


"When we came to Adventurine we had a new and very different proposition to take to market. We had tried a number of telesales companies but they had failed to grasp the proposition well enough to translate it into business opportunities for us. Adventurine immediately grasped the complex components of our messaging and were soon opening up opportunities for us on a regular basis. They are professional, well organised and reliable."

Full Service Marketing Agency


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