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So why choose us? What make us different?...

Well, unlike many new business organisations out there, we believe there is nothing that beats experience...experience of doing the job, experience of business and experience of life, which is why we don’t employ college students or graduates. All our staff are confident business people who have a wide and varied background to draw on, and this means we don’t need scripts.

Our calls are well planned and carefully structured, and we know that an intelligent conversation with the right person will get the very best results. When we talk to a prospect, we want to do just that, talk, communicate, exchange ideas, inform and learn.


Then we'll either make you a well qualified appointment or pass this information back to you, so you can make better, more informed choices about how you want to approach that prospect.

It sounds simple, and it is. We know it works because our clients tell us so.

Our people

Everyone who works on your account will be selected for their relevant skills and experience with a marketing qualification or suitable business background. They are bright, self-motivated and passionate about doing a good job for you.

Our team is committed to getting you results and there's a genuine buzz of excitement when we get our clients in front of a key decision maker from their wish list.

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